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Archibald C. & Sarah (Calvert) Macdougall 

 My Great Great Grandfather Archibald Macdougall

Archibald Campbell Macdougall was the 5th child of (Captain) John Macdougall and his wife Davinia, and only 6 years of age when his father was deported to Van Diemen's Land from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1821. Davinia and 7 children arrived in Hobart Town about 1825.  Born 26 September 1815 in Scotland and died 2 April 1870 in Prahran, Melbourne. Archibald married Sarah Calvert (born 20 September 1815 and died 10 July 1882 in Dimboola, Victoria) on 9 September 1837 at St.David's Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Archibald Campbell Macdougall married Sarah Calvert at St.David's Cathedral 9 September 1837

Interior St David's Cathedral, Hobart

Archibald and Sarah Macdougall had 11 children but only 4 sons and 1 daughter survived:

Sarah Helen Macdougall (born 28 March 1839 and died 29 May 1839) in Hobart, Tasmania.

Archibald Henry Macdougall (born 16 February 1841 in Adelaide, South Australia and died 18 August 1895 in Melbourne, Victoria).  Archibald Macdougall married Lavinia Richards (born 1842 in Adelaide, South Australia and died 1869) in 1866.
They had 2 children - Archibald William Watts Macdougall (born 1867 in Inglewood, Victoria and died 1936 in Chatswood, N.S.W.) and Sarah Lavinia Carne Macdougall (born 1868 in Inglewood and died 1869 in Inglewood, Victoria).  
Archibald William Watts Macdougall  married  Maud Malvena Beckingsale (born 1870 in Castlemaine, Victoria and died 1959 in Chatswood, Sydney,) on 14 January 1903 in Hawthorn, Victoria. They had 2 daughters - (Venie) Lavinia Mary Macdougall (born 1905 in St Leonards, Sydney who married Charles Thomas Kenderline on 11 November 1933) and (Emmie) Emma Beckingsale Macdougall (born 1908 in Hawthorn, Melbourne who married Norman Grimes). 
Archibald Henry Macdougall took a second wife Eliza Carne Richards (born 1845 and died 5 February 1875).  They had 2 daughters - (? born and died 1873 in Sandhurst, Victoria) and Eliza Macdougall (born and died 1875 in Sandhurst, Victoria).

Jessie Hannah Macdougall (born 23 October 1842 and died 11 August 1843 in Adelaide, Sth Aust.).

Davinia Louisa Macdougall (born 11 April 1844 in Adelaide and died 7 October 1922 in Mosman, Sydney).  Davinia Macdougall married Geo.T.Geer (born in London and died February 1918 in Mosman, Sydney) in 1869.
They had 4 daughters and 3 sons - George Archibald E.Geer (born 1870 in Melbourne and died 1926 in Annadale, Sydney), Frederick William Geer (born 1872 in Melbourne and died 1948 in Lithgow, Sydney), Archibald (Archie) Henry Geer (born 1874 in Timor, Victoria), Doris C. Geer (born 1876 and died 5 November 1923 in Sydney), Claribelle (Carrie) Maude Geer (born 1878 in Charlton, Victoria), Aurelia (Rella) Stella Geer (born 1880 in Ballarat and died in Sydney), Lilian (Lily) Ella Geer (born 1883 in Dimboola, Victoria).
Geo. T.Geer was known as Archdeacon Geer in the Church of England.

John Campbell Macdougall (born 21 January 1846 in Longbottom, Adelaide and died 1889 in Balmain, Sydney).  John Macdougall married Mary Ann (Polly) Falkiner on 7 January 1875 in Maitland, N.S.W.).
They had 6 children - Mary (Polly) Campbell Macdougall (born 1875 in Richmond, Melbourne), Archibald John (Jack) Falkiner Macdougall (born 1877 in Maitland, N.S.W. and died 16 May 1904 in Sydney), Geraldine Edith (Poppy) Macdougall (born 1880 in Albury, N.S.W. and died in Sydney), Robert (Bob) Campbell Macdougall (born 1883 in Albury, N.S.W. and died 1960 in Lewisham, Sydney), Edith Campbell Macdougall (born 1884 in Geelong, Victoria and died in Sydney), Eric Campbell Macdougall (born 1885in Dunolly and died 14 March 1954 in Chatswood, Sydney).

James Daniel Macdougall (born 17 August 1847 in Adelaide and died 26 August 1847 in Adelaide).

William Arthur Macdougall (born 15 April 1849 in Hobart and died 2 July 1930 in 14 Swan Street, Hobart).  William Macdougall married Sarah Ann Allason (born 17 August 1850 in 3 Elboden St, Hobart and died 21 August 1941 in 14 Swan St, New Town, Hobart) on 15 April 1876 in Melville Street Wesleyan Church, Hobart.  
They had 6 children - Leslie Stuart Macdougall (born 4 March 1877 in Hobart, Tasmania and died 1949 in Brighton, Victoria), Hugh Campbell Macdougall (born 17 February 1881in Launceston, Tasmania and died 7 August 1913 in Launceston, Tasmania), Ruby Frederica Macdougall (born 3 September 1882 in Launceston, Tasmania and died 17 July 1972 in Hobart, Tasmania), Olive May Oban Macdougall (born 5 October 1888 in 86 George St, Launceston and died 14 November 1975 in Hobart), Ila Aisbett Macdougall (born 5 October 1888 in 86 George St, Launceston and died24 September 1960 in Sandy Bay,  Hobart), Gwenneth Lenore Macdougall (born 16 March 1892 in Launceston and died 31 October 1982 in Hobart, Tasmania).

Charles Frederick Eggleston Macdougall (born 19 October 1850 in Hobart and died 17 May 1873 in Benin River, West Coast Africa).

Edward Dirmid Macdougall (born 27 October 1852 Clarence Plains, Tasmania and died 22 March 1853 at 84 Argyll Street, Hobart). 

Unnamed male (born and died  31 January 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania).

Walter Cummin Macdougall (born 1855 in Hobart and died 26 January 1917 in Balmain, Sydney).  Walter Macdougall married Emma Parkinson (born 1855 in Sydney and died 1 October 1941) on 4 January 1882 in Petersham, Sydney.
They had 7 children - Ettie Emma Jane Macdougall (born 26 November 1883 in Norwood, South Australia and died 7 August 1947 in Balmain, Sydney), Archibald (Archie) Walter Macdougall (born 1886 in Balmain and died 5 November 1910 in England while on holidays), Millicent Gertrude (Millie) Macdougall (born 22 October 1888 in Darling Street, Balmain, Sydney and died 1971), Cecil George Macdougall (born 1890 in Balmain and died 12 October 1899 in Balmain, Sydney), Wilsie Pearl Macdougall (born 1893 in Balmain, Sydney and died 1899 in Balmain, Sydney), Dorothy (Dorrie) Muriel Macdougall (born 1895 in Balmain, Sydney and died 1964), Keith Campbell Macdougall (born 1898 in Balmain, Sydney and died 1965).

Walter C Macdougall with wife Emma and children in 1896 - Ettie, Archibald, Millie, Wilsie, Dorrie. (Cecil missing!)

Walter Cummin Macdougall (1855 - 26 January 1917)

Ettie Macdougall in 1901 when she visited her cousin Leslie Macdougall in Launceston. From Leslie's diary it is obvious that he was smitten with Ette.  They remained very close friends.

"Dunolly" the home of Walter C.Macdougall in 74 Louisa Road, Balmain. Joy remembered visiting Auntie Dorrie.  The property went down to Parramatta River/Sydney Harbour.  Photo taken in 2010.

 Archibald C Macdougall agrees to Home Allotment 20 December 1831

Survey Office,
20 December 1831

Dear Sir,

In locating the Allotment in Wellington Buildings I hereby pledge myself that I will within 4 months from this date make a footpath nine feet wide along those sides of the Allotment which are bounded by Streets, and I will enclose the same with a good paling fence those sides which front streets being of sawed stuff, That I will commence the erection of a Brick or Stone House with a frontage of not less than Forty five feet within the same period.  Keeping the line of front at a distance of not less than twelve feet from the street or streets, That I will complete this Building (as far as regards the  appearance, within two years from this date, That I will within that period spend at least the erection of Building One Thousand Pounds and That I will not alienate the allotment within the same period of two years but will myself make the improvements required.

I have the honour to be Sir,

Your Obedient Servant,

John Macdougall
Per A. Macdougall

To The Surveyor General.

(A copy of the handwritten letter is on file, but typed out for easier reading).

Wesleyan Missions Poster - Printers Murray & Macdougall 1829

Archibald was a Printer and Publisher like his father and brother. He managed the Launceston paper "The Examiner" where he met Sarah Calvert. He left Van Diemen's Land and arrived in Adelaide on "Lady Emma" on 19 March 1838 with his printing press - the first printing press in South Australia. He published the "Southern Australian" with its first issue in June 1838, in competition with the "South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register".

Colonel William Light (1786 - 1839) was the Founder of Adelaide.  Archibald Macdougall published William Light's rare book "A brief Journal and Australian Diaries" in 1839.

In 1840 Archibald gained the Government printing contract, but this would eventually force him into bankruptcy when the government dishonoured a bill of nearly 1000 pounds.

John Campbell Macdougall's widow Mary Ann Macdougall enticed Archibald to leave Adelaide and return to Hobart to manage the "Colonial Times" after Archibald's father (Captain) John Macdougall died in 1845, and his older brother John Campbell died in 1848. This he did after disposing of his Adelaide property.
He brought the "Colonial Times" business into a state of success, but when he expected his reward (a partnership), the widow did not keep her word and from that estranged relationship Archibald left and went to Victoria.  "Colonial Times" was sold when Mary Ann Macdougall married Mr Kenric Brodribb in 1855 and moved to Melbourne.

Archiblad Macdougall printed and published the famous book "The Life and Adventures of William Buckley" 1852 in Hobart.  Author John Morgan. A story of a wanderer for thirty two years amongst the Aborigines of the then unexplored country around Port Philip, now the province of Victoria. The saying "You have two hopes - buckleys and none" comes from this story. He also published "The Wild White Man and the Blacks of Victoria" by James Bonwick in 1852 in Hobart.

The Life and Adventures of William Buckley, published by Archibald Macdougall 1852

In January 2013 I found the cave that William Buckley lived in for some time. It is below the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.  If you want to explore for yourself, take the track to the beach from the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and turn left. It is immediately under the Lighthouse.  You cannot enter the cave as it is barred up but good to find it.  We enjoyed our lunch on the beach and pondered what it would have been like for William Buckley in those early days.

William Buckley's cave at Point Lonsdale
William Buckley's cave at Point Lonsdale

Archibald and family tried their hand unsuccessfully at finding gold in Castlemaine around 1856 after leaving Hobart.

The family came to Prahran were Archibald worked for "The Argus", managed the "Prahran Chronicle" and started "The Advertiser" in Prahran in late 1860s.

Archibald Macdougall died suddenly of pleuro-pneumonia on 2 April 1870, aged 55 years. He was living at Eastbourne Street, Prahran and buried at St.Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne. Below is his Will written 24 March 1870, just 9 days before his death.

Will and Testament of Archibald Macdougall

This is the last Will and Testament of me Archibald Macdougall of Eastbourne Street in the Borough of Prahran in the Colony of Victoria, Printer.  I give to my dear wife all my household furniture and personal affects in my home.  I give and devise to my sons Archibald Henry Macdougall and John Campbell Macdougall the remainder of my personal estate on trust to invest same in Government or real securities or on freehold estate and pay the annual income and profits thereof unto my dear wife during her life and after her decease in trust to divide the said trust estate equally between and amongst all my children for each of them sole and separate use and benefit, and I appoint the said Archibald Henry Macdougall and John Campbell Macdougall executors of this my Will.  In witness whereof I the said Archibald Macdougall have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand this twenty fourth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy.         Signed by A.Macdougall
Signed acknowledgement published and declared by said Testator as and of his last will in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other present at the same time have here unto set our names as witnesses the interlineation initialled – having been first made –       Signed by John Oldham, Melbourne and John Eccleston, Wesleyan Minister South Yarra.
This is the Will marked A referred to in the annexed affidavit of John Oldham sworn before me this day Fourteenth day of April AD 1870.      
Signed by John ?ailey.  A Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria for taking affidavits.

In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the Will of Archibald Macdougall late of Eastbourne Street in the Borough of Prahran in the said Colony, Printer.
I, John Oldham of No.43 Bourke Street West in the city of Melbourne in the said Colony one of the attornies of this Honorable Court make oath and say -
1.  That the above named Archibald Macdougall late of Eastbourne Street in the Borough of Prahran in the said Colony, Printer, deceased made his will bearing date the twenty fourth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy and hereby appointed his sons Archibald Henry Macdougall of Sandhurst in the said Colony, Salesman and John Campbell Macdougall of Castlemaine in the said Colony, Salesman, Trustees and Executors thereof.
2.  That the said Will is hereunto annexed marked with the letter A.
3.  That the said will was executed by the said Archibald Macdougall in the presence of me and one John Eggleston, a Wesleyan Minister, that we were both present at the same time and at the request of the said Archibald Macdougall in his presence and in the presence of each other we subscribed our names as witnesses attesting the due execution of the said Will.
4.  That all the alterations and interlineations in the said Will were made by me at the request of the said Testator and before he signed the same.
Sworn at the said City of Melbourne this Fourteenth day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy         Before me   Signed  John ?ailey.       A Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria for taking affidavits

(A copy of the hand written Will and Testament is on file, but typed out for easier reading). 

Archibald Campbell Macdougall (26 September 1815 - 2 April 1870) with son Archibald Henry Macdougall (16 February 1841 - 18 August 1895)

Sarah Macdougall, wife of Archibald C. Macdougall 20 September 1815 - 10 July 1882
Archibald Henry Macdougall (16.February 1841 - 18 August 1895)

Archibald Henry Macdougall (1841-1895) with son Archibald Wm.Walter Macdougall (1867 - 1936).

Archibald Campbell Macdougall - Sacred to the memory of Archibald Macdougall wod departed this life on the 2nd April 1870 aged 55 years.  At evening there cometh a light. St Kilda Cemetery, Wesleyan Section, Compartment B, grave 0103.

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