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Newspaper Extracts 1800s

Newspaper Extracts 1800s.


 16 February 1822 - John Macdougall advertises in Hobart Town Gazette.
Accomplant and General agent offers himself to these capacities to public of Van Diemens Land.

23 November 1822 - John Macdougall advertises in Hobart Town Gazette.
Removing to premises adjacient Vinegar Cottage Liverpool Street – soap, candle- making. Business as usual.  Starch and colonial manufacture.

10 June 1825 – Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen’s Land Advertiser.  Married at St.David’s Church, by the Rev W.Bedford, on Tuesday, the 31st ult, John Campbell Macdougall, to Sarah Oakes, widow of the late James Whyte.
Published Fridays weekly 16” X 12”.

10 June 1825 – Hobart Town Gazette.
“Whereas my wife has eloped from her home.  All persons are therefore cautioned against harbouring or trusting her on my account, as I will not be responsible for any debts so contracted by her.”  J.Blake.

12 May 1826 - J. C.Macdougall advertises in “Colonial Times” page 4 col 2 .Brewer, Liverpool Street, Hobart Town to Mrs. Macdougall a daughter.  

9 September 1826 – Hobart Town Gazette.
John Campbell Macdougall of the Tasmanian Brewery, most respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has just opened a store, at his new stone veranda House, Liverpool Street, where in he will dispose of tea, sugar, coffee, tobacco, soap, starch, pepper: a variety of prints, calicoes, flannel, fustion, Norwich crape, waistcoating, with a large assortment of other Articles of the best Quality and at  the lowest Prices – Teneriffe and Sicilian wines, in quantities of not less than 5 gallons; beer as usual.
NB. Two houses in Liverpool Street to LET, and a house in Murray Street to SELL or LET – Apply to Mr. J.C.Macdougall.

30 September 1826 – Hobart Town Gazette.
To let on an improving Lease, within a few miles of Hobart Town, and on the side of the Derwent, a FARM of about 150 acres of excellent quality, and to an industrious tenant, every encouragement will be given.  There is an abundance of firewood on the farm, which the tenant will have liberty to sell.  Likewise, to be sold, a few hundred weight of excellent Virginia Tobacco, in the Leaf, to which the attention of sheep rearers is respectfully requested; also, a new Brussels Carpet, of a very superior pattern and quality.
Several houses in Hobart Town to be sold or let.  Apply to Mr. Macdougall at the Tasmanian Stores, Elizabeth Street.

23 December 1826 – Hobart Town Gazette Page 4 Col 3.       Police Notice.
John Campbell Macdougall, appeared to answer the complaint of the chief constable for retailing beer without a licence on the 16th October last.  The two witnesses to support the case were Kerbey and Dutton, Constables, of whom we have had frequent occasions to speak in favourable terms.  Hannah Hill and William Johnson, servants to Mr. Macdougall, were produced to confute their testimony, and the case was ultimately adjourned for judgement until Monday.

Monday December 28.
Mr. Capon attended, and prayed for judgement in the above case, when Mr.Gellibrand appeared, and also prayed that further evidence might be heard on the part of the defence.  The request being granted, Miss.Macdougall came forward and swore that Mrs. Macdougall (whom it had had been sworn had served the beer), was at the hour of eight o’clock, she thought, on the evening of the 16th October, at a prayer meeting at Mr.Hopkins, and did not return until nine o’clock, when she recolled walking home with her from the circumstance of the bell ringing at nine o’clock.  She also recollected Mrs. Macdougall had not attended the prayer meeting since that time.  Mr. Henry Schultze remembered going to Mr. Hopkins with Mrs. Macdougall and Miss. Macdougall and returning with them between eight and nine o’clock.  He thought it was on the 24th October, but could not swear to the day.  Hannah Hill who was examined the first day, appeared again and swore, that Mrs. Macdougall was at Mr.Hopkin’s on the 16th October, and that she had been there since.            Case dismissed.

Page 2 Col 2  - - -The case of Mr. J.Macdougall, regarding the sale of beer is light in our eyes, when put in comparison with the illicit consumption of ardent foreign spirits - - -

26 May 1827 – Hobart Town Gazette. J.C.Macdougall  sold brewery business to Stallarsh & Coombs.

8 February 1828 - “Tasmanian” page 4 col 4.  The “Tasmanian” now printed and published by  Mr. J.C. Macdougall and not G.T.Howe.

1828 Almanack – Newspaper “The Tasmanian”, a Ministerial Paper, published every Friday by Mr. J.C.Macdougall, the Proprietor.  Commenced March 1827.

16 January 1829 – Murray & Macdougall Printers  (note photo of “Missions” at Methodist Museum Melville Street)

1829 Almanack - “Austral – Asiatic” began.
                           -  “The Colonial Times” commenced under its present title 1825 by
                               Andrew Bent, the Proprietor.  Published Friday afternoons.   
   -  “The Tasmanian” began March 1827, published Friday evening by
                           -   J.C.Macdougall, Proprietor.

1 January 1830 – “Colonial Times”. Death notice of Sarah Macdougall.  “On Tuesday morning last (29 December 1829), after a lingering illness of upwards of six months duration, of cancer, Mrs. Macdougall (formerly Whyte) wife of Mr. J.C. Macdougall of the “Tasmanian”.

2 January 1830 – “Hobart Town Gazette”.  Death – Macdougall Mrs. “ Wife of Mr.J.C.Macdougall, Elizabeth Street. Co-proprietor of the “Tasmanian” journal – after a protracted and painful illness – Tuesday 29 December 1829.”

1830 V.D.L.Almanack – J.C.Macdougall & R.L.Murray – Publishers of “The Tasmanian” every Friday, commenced March 1827 by G. Howe.

20 December 1831 – LSD 1/83 page 194.  Agreement to fulfill certain conditions on allotment in Wellington Buildings.

21 January 1834 – Hobart Town Colonist 28 January 1834, and “Colonist” 24 January 1834.  By licence on 21 January 1834 at New Church, Brisbane and Campbell Streets, Hobart Town  Miss Jessie Macdougall of Melville Street, Hobart Town marries Mr. Daniel McArthur.

11 February 1834  - Hobart Town Colonist. “ J.C.Macdougall lately of Van Diemens Land married at St. James Church to Miss. Mary Ann Butler of Pitt Street, Sydney.”

4 March 1836 – Firm dissolved on grounds of John Macdougall’s old age.

7 June 1838 – Archibald C. Macdougall – publisher of “Southern Australian”.

25 June 1839 – Archibald C. Macdougall living in South Australia – agent for “Colonial Times”.

26 July 1848 – “Courier” Page  col 4.  Mr. J.C.Macdougall died 21 July 1848 suddenly in his office, Collins Street – Editor “Colonial Times”. Buried 26 July 1848.
15 April 1849 – “Colonial Times” Birth of William Arthur Macdougall, Bathhurst Street, Hobart.

1852 – Archibald C. Macdougall – Printer, Melville Street, Hobart Town.

1852 – Archibald C. Macdougall published “Life and Adventures of William Buckley” by John Morgan.  For a long time a difficulty existed as to the risk of printing a narrative of the kind at so late a period, but at length, Mr. Macdougall, (late of Adelaide), engaged on convenient terms, to bring the work out; which he has done in a manner creditable to himself, and to the colony.  Preface by John Morgan, Author, 22 March 1852, Hobart.

1852? – Archibald C. Macdougall published “William Light’s Brief Journal and Australian Diaries”

3 September 1853 - Archibald C. Macdougall on committee Old Colonists Festival
“Colonial Times” Van Diemens Land.

1854 – “Before we Eat – a slice of Tasmania’s Culinary Life”. – “Haywood’s Biscuits.
C.D.Haywood & Co. was Tasmania’s best known biscuit makers.  They existed for just two years short of a century (1854 – 1952).  Their Excelsior Steam Biscuit Factory  was in Melville Street, Hobart and the quality of their biscuits was said to be their success secret, their best known brand being Snax.  And they thought up the nattiest trade slogans such as “Haywood’s for Happiness” and “Don’t say biscuits, say Snax”.  After 98 years they were virtually “swallowed” by Swallow and Ariel, which in turn became one with the national company Arnott-Brockhoff-Guest Pty.Ltd.

4 April 1854 - “Colonial Times”. Mary Ann Macdougall Printer and Publisher of Colonial Times” at Times Office, Collins Street, Hobart Town.  Note: “Colonial Times” with which is incorporated “The Tasmanian”.  Published  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  4 pages.  14” x 12”

20 February 1855 -  Mary Ann Macdougall marries Kenneth E. Brodribb 20 February 1855 in Melbourne.

17 February 1855 – Mary Ann Macdougall Printer and Publisher “Colonial Times”
 25 July 1848 – 17 February 1855.

“Colonial Times” with which is incorporated “The Tasmanian”.  Published Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat., 4 pages, size about 14” x 12”.

1960 – “Once Upon A Time: Some Tasmanian Tales” by Michael Sharland
“Haywood’s for Biscuits” Pages 38 and 39

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