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"Newspaper" Ownerships 1827-1855

John & John Campbell Macdougall’s Newspaper Ownership/Involvement

 1827 - 1855

“Colonial Times”
The “Colonial Times” was published in Hobart, Tasmania from 1 July 1825 until 22 August 1857.  It was issued weekly at first but the frequency increased until it was eventually published daily.  The first seven issues of what was to become the “Colonial Times” were published as the “Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen’s Land Advertiser”.  The serial numbers were continued from those of the “Hobart Town Gazette” which Andrew Bent (the Publisher of the “Colonial Times”) had published until 24 June 1825.  The Publication of the “Hobart Town Gazette” had been taken over by Ross & Howe from 25 June 1825.

1815, 1816, 1824 – Andrew Bent, Government Printer. Bent under sentence 1812, and received a Conditional Pardon 25 May 1816 and Absolute Pardon 7 August 1821.

1824 – “Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen’s Land Advertiser” bought and produced by Andrew Bent. Photo of Printing Press on file.

31 May 1825 – J.C.Macdougall marries Sarah Oakes, widow of John Whyte (who died suddenly when he had his leg amputated at his Brewery business). 

12 August 1825 Andrew Bent established and owner of “Colonial Times” (wife ran the newspaper while Andrew was in prison).

1826 -  J.C.Macdougall managed  Tasmanian Brewery and established a store in Liverpool Street ( 29 September 1826).

1 March 1827 – The first issue of “The Tasmanian” printed at Elizabeth Street, Hobart by J.C.Macdougall as Editor, Printer and Publisher.

23 August 1827 – J.C.Macdougall Editor/Proprietor of Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Took over the “Tasmanian” from George Terry Howe.  The issue of 30 August 1827 was printed by J.C.Macdougall from his office in Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

16 January 1829 – R.L.Murray of “Austral-Asiatic Review” and J.C.Macdougall of “The Tasmanian” amalgated their newspapers to become “Tasmanian & Austral-Asiatic Review”. They were known as Murray & Macdougall Printers. Dissolved end 1830.

5 March 1830 - Henry Melville purchased “Colonial Times” from Andrew Bent.

1832 -  J.C.Macdougall goes to Sydney for a short time.

October  1837 - June 1845 R.L.Murray continues to edit “Austral-Asiatic Review” either as sole proprietor or in partnership with J.C.Macdougall of the “Tasmanian”. The conjoint newspaper being again known as the “Tasmanian and Review”.

1838 - “Trumpeter” came into the possession of  J.C.Macdougall as advertising medium . Bought from Henry Melville.

1838 – J.C.Macdougall became the Publisher/Proprietor and later Editor of the “Tasmanian”.

September 1839 – J.C.Macdougall sold the “Tasmanian” to John Morgan.

1839 – “Tasmanian” returned to the Proprietorship of J.C.Macdougall.

1839 - J.C.Macdougall purchased “Colonial Times” from Henry Melville, who in advertised correspondence at the time, referred to Macdougall as “a very devil of a cigar smoker”.  He was the acknowledged Editor.

1841 – J.C.Macdougall contemplated a business trip to England.

1841 – There were still 4 presses in Hobart Town controlled by J.Macdougall, W.G.Elliston, William Pratt, Edward Abbott.

1 July 1841 – “Tasmanian” again incorporated with Murray’s “Austral-Asiatic Review”.

13 July 1841 and 12 October 1841 – “Trumpeter”.

26 October 1841 – John and J.C.Macdougall involved in a bitter controversy with Edward Abbott of the “Hobart Town Advertiser”, and W.G.Elliston and Thomas MacDowell of the “Hobart Town Courier”.  Macdougall assaulted MacDowell and bound to keep the peace. Macdougall asserted that he was the Proprietor and sole Editor of the “Colonial Times”.

1842 – J.C.Macdougall involved in insolvency proceedings which were later satisfactorily adjusted.

23 August 1842 – “Colonial Times” states that Macdougall was generally a fair minded critic and balanced writer, one of his best leading articles being a judicious summing up of the character of  Governor Arthur.

1843 – Mary Ann Macdougall opened a private servant’s registry office to help with finances.

22 September 1843 – J.C.Macdougall a defendant in action for criminal libel against Crown.

30 January 1844 – J.C.Macdougall again involved in insolvency proceedings.

October 1844 – J.C.Macdougall again became Printer, Publisher and Proprietor of the “Tasmanian and Austral-Asiatic Review” for the Editor R.L.Murray.

26 June 1845 – Last issue of “Tasmanian and Austral-Asiatic Review”.

July 1845 – Macdougall, Proprietor of “Colonial Times” states his columns are open to R.L.Murray, as his friend and former partner.

1 July 1845 – “Tasmanian” incorporated into “Colonial Times”, and the newspaper to be called the “Colonial Times and Tasmanian”, with J.C.Macdougall as its Editor and Proprietor until his death in 1848.

14 April 1846 – J.C.Macdougall announced he was desirous of disposing of his printing establishment and newspapers, “Colonial Times” and “Trumpeter”, but nothing came of the project.

June 1848 – “Trumpeter” was in existence still but probably ceased shortly after J.C.Macdougall’s death.  No copy is available beyond 1843.

21 July 1848 – J.C.Macdougall died, editor/proprietor “Colonial Times”.
It is recorded by E.Morris Miller in “A Historical Summary of Tasmanian Newspapers” – The Literary excellence of the “Colonial Times” during this period stand to the credit of J.C.Macdougall, the editor-proprietor.

25 July 1848 – Mary Ann Macdougall announced her husband’s death and her name was substituted for that of her husbands.

4 August 1848 Mary Ann Macdougall carried on the management of the “Colonial Times” as Printer and Publisher-Proprietor until February 1855.

February 1855 – The business was sold to Henri James D’Emden.

20 February 1855 Mary Ann Macdougall married Kenneth Brodribb of Melbourne.

“Colonial Times” ceased publication when it was absorbed by the “Mercury”.

Macdougall’s Years & Ownership of the “Colonial Times”.

1825 – 1830 “Colonial Times” Andrew Bent.
1830 – 1839 “Colonial Times” Henry Melville (5 March 1830).
1839 – 1848 “Colonial Times” John C.Macdougall.
1848 – 1855 “Colonial Times” Mary Ann Macdougall (25 July 1848).
1855 – 1857 “Colonial Times” Henri J.D’Emden.
1857 - Absorbed by the “Mercury”.

Macdougall’s Years & Ownership of the “Tasmanian”, “Trumpeter, “Austral-Asiatic Review”

5 January 1825 – 1827 “Tasmanian” G.T.Howe.
1 March 1827   – 1829 “Tasmanian” John C.Macdougall, Editor /Proprietor.
16 January 1829 – 1830  J.C.Macdougall of “Tasmanian” and R.L.Murray of “Austral-Asiatic Review”  amalgated their papers to become “Tasmanian & Austral-Asiatic Review”. Known as Murray and Macdougall Printers.
October 1837 – June 1845  J.C.Macdougall of “Tasmanian” and R.L.Murray of “Austral-Asiatic Review” again conjoint their newspapers and known as “Tasmanian and Review”.
1838 – 1848 “Trumpeter” John C.Macdougall bought from Henry Melville.
1838 – “Tasmanian” J.C.Macdougall, Publisher/Proprietor and later Editor.
September 1839 – “Tasmanian” J.C.Macdougall sold to John Morgan.
1839 – “Tasmanian” returned to the Proprietorship of J.C.Macdougall.
1 July 1841- “Tasmanian” again incorporated into Murray’s “Austral-Asiatic Review”.
1845 – “Tasmanian” incorporated into “Colonial Times”, now called “Colonial Times and Tasmanian” J.C.Macdougall, Proprietor/Editor.
1848 – “Trumpeter” ceased after death of J.C.Macdougall.

The Print Museum in Hobart has valuable information on the printing industry in Hobart.

"Colonial Times" owned by Macdougalls 1839 - 1855

"Tasmanian & Austral-Asiatic Review owned by Macdougalls 1829 - 1830

"The Trumpeter" owned by Macdougalls 1827 - 1830
"Colonial Times" owned by Macdougalls 1839 - 1855
Bent's Press 1825 - 1830

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