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Leslie S & Beatrice H.L.(Wells) Macdougall


Leslie Stuart Macdougall & Beatrice Helen Louise Wells

Leslie Stuart Macdougall (born 4 March 1877 at the home of Geo Eady, 66 Bathurst Street, Hobart and died 8 February 1949 in Brighton, Victoria).  Leslie married Beatrice Helen Louise Wells (born 9 September 1888 in Formby (now Devonport), Tasmania and died 8 November 1983 in Noble Park, Melbourne, Victoria) on 9 September 1912 at Railway Reserve, Hobart, Tasmania.

Leslie's parents were Sarah Ann (Allason) & William Arthur Macdougall. 
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Beatrice's parents were Harry Edward Wells & Elizabeth Saunders.
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Together they had 3 daughters:
Winsome Lorne Macdougall (born 22 July 1913 in Alexandra Hospital, Hobart and died 6 March 1999 in "Rosden" Nursing Home, East Burwood, Victoria).  Winsome married Allan Edward Petfield (born 12 July 1912 in Brisbane, Queensland and died 20 April 1977 in Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne) on 4 November 1939 at Queen's College, Parkville, Melbourne.  They had 2 daughters. 
Winsome (Wyn) Petfield married Cyril Charles Jarrett (born 25 February 1900 in Brighton, England and died 27 May 1987 in "Cumberland View" Retirement Village, Wheelers Hill) on 15 October 1983 at "Cumberland View" Retirement Village.

Dorothy Glaed Macdougall (born 18 August 1918 in Edinburgh Hospital, Hobart and died 20 August 2003 in Brisbane, Queensland). Dorothea married William (Bill) Gladstone Hitchings July 1970 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Margaret Elizabeth Patricia Macdougall (born 17 March 1920 in Alexandra Hospital, Hobart and died 25 September 2014 in Malvern East, Melbourne, Victoria).  Margaret married Walter James Fraser (born 3 December 1915 in Williamstown, Melbourne and died 5 October 1995 in Dandenong Valley Hospital, Melbourne) on 16 August 1941 in Williamstown Methodist Church. They had 2 children.

 Leslie Macdougall - growing up

Leslie Stuart Macdougall's birth Certificate 4 March 1877.

William Macdougall built a comfortable home on corner Charles & Canning Street, Launceston in 1880. William opened a Soft Goods House in 86 George Street in 1881, and the family took up residence above the Draper's shop in 1882.
Hugh Campbell Macdougall was born 17 February 1881, Ruby Fredrica Macdougall was born 3 September 1882, twins Olive May Oban Macdougall and Ila Aisbett Macdougall were born 5 October 1888 and Gwenneth Lenore Macdougall was born 16 March 1892.

Macdougall's Draper's Shop in 86 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania 1881 - 1904.

Leslie attended Infant School 1882-1883, then City School 1884-1887, then 1888-1894 he attended Launceston High School. He passed his Senior Public Examination of University of Tasmania in English, History, Geography, Latin, French, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, thus qualifying for Matriculation at 17 years of age.

Leslie Macdougall's Certificates of Merit 1886

Leslie regularly attended Paterson Street, Methodist Church in Launceston with his family.
Leslie signed a Temperance Pledge on 5 April 1888 and at Wesleyan Methodist Church Band of Hope he pledged "to abstain from all intoxicating drinks and beverages and to discountenance all the causes and practices of intemperance" on 30 September 1890.

Leslie Macdougall's Temperance Pledges 1888 & 1890

Leslie made a Commitment to the Lord at Paterson Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Launceston on 12 March 1892 and was "admitted into and publicly recognised as a Member of the Australasian Wesleyan Methodist Church" on 24 August 1892. He was accepted as a Local Preacher in September 1895 at the age of 18 years.

In 1895 Leslie commenced a 1st Year Arts Degree at Tasmania University, Launceston Campus, studying in the afternoons and evening, and tutoring his young sisters Ruby, Olive and Ila in the mornings at home. Leslie failed to satisfy the examiners in 1896 (too involved in too many activities), and did not sit the examinations in 1897. He only passed Latin in 1898. It seemed his heart was not in it - he preferred to preach and study theology, photography became a passion and enjoyed tutoring the Shoobridge boys. Leslie sat exams at the end of 1899 - Mathematics 1,2 & 3, English Literature, Latin, English Authors, Latin Authors but failed all (not surprised!).  He failed again in 1900!
Leslie started to write a diary in 1895 and that continued until 1948, shortly before his death on 8 February 1949.  Joy Olney has the diaries, they have been eloquently written giving lots of details about life as a Methodist Minister in Tasmania and Victoria.

Through 2009-2010 Joy scanned every page, including Leslie's ledger of Preaching Appointments and Baptismal Records. Some diaries were rebound. Then Joy Olney scanned Beatrice Macdougall's diaries written 1953-1978, making a total of 16,500 pages. A 16GB USB is available to anyone who wishes to read the diaries in their entirety. 
Refer to my Rev.Leslie S.Macdougall Diaries Blog at http://macdougalldiaries.blogspot.com.au

Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall's diaries

Examples from Leslie's diaries - their meeting, the proposal, their marriage.

Examples from Leslie's diaries - showing graph, map and cash account.

Leslie Macdougall - and the Shoobridge family

For almost 3 years - from 1897 to September 1899 Leslie tutored the 4 sons of Mr Louis M.Shoobridge, (a hop farmer) - Rupert (1883-1962), Kenneth (1884-1953), Douglas (1886-1947) & Maxwell (1888-1978).  The Shoobridge families were quite a community in the Glenora, Bushy Park, Derwent Valley areas. "Providence Valley", "Turiff Lodge", "Valleyfield", "Hawthorn Lodge", "Clover Lea", "Coniston" were family properties.  

William (1781-1836) and Mary (1784-1821) Shoobridge came to Van Dieman's Land in 1821 but Mary and 3 children died during the voyage. That left William with 6 children to bring up without a wife and mother. He was granted 20 acres in Hobart Town to grow hops from plants he had brought with him from England. In 1833 William remarried but died on 15 March 1836. He bought land in the Derwent Valley in 1835 and Shoobridge families have remained in the area as Hop farmers ever since. William's son Ebenezer (1820-1901) continued to be a hop farmer in the area and had 8 children including William Ebenezer Shoobridge (1846-1940) and Louise Manton Shoobridge (1851-1939).

Ebenezer Shoobridge erected his Oasthouse Text Kiln in Bushy Park in 1867. Texts are on stone plaques around the exterior of the Kiln.  Leslie Macdougall writes about the Text Kiln in his diaries.
Ebenezer Shoobridge was elected to the House of Assembly 1882-1886.

Ebenezer Shoobridge's property at Bushy Park, Tasmania.

Ebenezer Shoobridge's Oasthouse Text Kiln at Bushy Park, Tasmania.

Ebenezer Shoobridge's Oasthouse Text Kiln erected 1867.

Ebenezer Shoobridge's Oasthouse Text Kiln in Bushy Park, Tasmania.

Ebenezer Shoobridge's Oasthouse Text Kiln at Bushy Park, Tasmania

Shoobridge graves at Glenora Cemetery, Tasmania.  Taken 2008.

Ebenezer Shoobridge buried at Glenora Cemetery (1820 - 1901). Taken 2008.

Louis M.Shoobridge (1851-1939) purchased "Fenton Forest Estate" at Glenora and grew hops, fruit trees, cattle and sheep. He was one of the prime-movers in the planting of trees along the Hobart-Launceston Highway.  He was very involved in community affairs including President of the Council of Agriculture for 4 years, foundation member & President of the Farmers, Stockowners & Orchardist's Association for 5 years, President of Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania for 3 years.  In 1921 Louis was elected to the Legislative Assembly and held office until 1937 when he retired to "Sunnyside" Newtown. Louis was elected to the Hobart City Council in 1923 and served for 14 years.  He improved many of Hobart's parks and reserves at his own expense, supplying labour, trees and plants. (Hon) Louis gave away one-third of his income for the last 25 years of his life to deserving causes.

Sons Rupert and Douglas registered "R.O.and D.M.Shoobridge" in 1912 took over the property at Glenora and bought "Southernfield" and "Trap Hutt", then "Marlborough" and "Cloverlea".  They sold the first two properties and bought "Cleveland".  

Rupert got his Degree at Hawkesbury Agricultural College. He joined the A.I.F.in 1916 and was injured in Ypres in 1916 and returned home in 1918 unfit for further service. He was a member of the New Norfolk Municipal Council from 1912-1916, 1920-1922, 1928-1947.  Rupert became a member of the Legislative Council for the Division of Derwent from 1937-1955, taking over from his father. He was honoured with a Knighthood in 1947.
Kenneth became a Mechanical Engineer and went to England but returned to be a Hop Grower. Ken's property "Coniston" was part of the "Fenton Forest Estate". In 1916 Kenneth was the first hop grower to weigh green hops in the field instead of measuring them by the bushel as was the universal practice and he built the first power hop press. 1919-1920 Kenneth went to America to buy hop-picking machines but the depression changed things as hop buyers refused to buy machine picked hops and the machines remained idle until 1965. Ken was the first to grow tobacco in Tasmania.

Douglas studied at Burnley School of Horticulture in Melbourne. He conducted the stock side of the business and retired in 1946. Douglas was a member of the New Norfolk Council, a Director of the Goliath Cement Company at Hamilton and in 1946 was elected an Alderman of the Hobart City Council.  Ill-health prevented him from taking much part in Council proceedings, dying in 1947.

"Hawthorn Lodge" home of W.E.Shoobridge (1846-1940) at Bushy Park, Tasmania. Taken 2008.

"Forest Lodge" home of Rupert Shoobridge (1883-1962), Glenora, Tasmania. Taken 2008.

In 2008 Joy & Peter Olney visited "Fenton Forest", the Shoobridge property where Leslie Macdougall tutored the 4 Shoobridge boys of Hon Louis M.Shoobridge from 1897-1899. In those days they were growing hops but today it has cattle and some vegetable crops.  Antony & Timothy Shoobridge (sons of Jim Shoobridge) were living at "Fenton Forest". Joy gave the family some memorabilia.

Cecily & Jim Shoobridge in Sandy Pay, Hobart in 2008.

I found an interesting fact about the Shoobridges, 3 generations from William Shoobridge (born 1781) -  William's son Ebenezer Shoobridge (born 1820), to his son William Shoobridge (born 1846), to his son Henry Shoobridge (born 1874).  The story is that when Henry's father William was 8 years old he remembered meeting Betty King.  Betty was a "First Fleeter on the vessel "Friendship". She proved to be a troublesome prisioner. When land was reached on 26 January 1788 Betty was acting as a lady's maid to the officer's wives. The women were to be first to set foot at Port Jackson but the surf was frightening.  It was agreed that a maid (Betty) be carried ashore first as a rehearsal. The story seems feasible, but there is no documented evidence to state that Betty King was indeed the first white woman to set foot on Australian soil.

Betty was transported to Norfolk Island and by 1800 was a free woman. She along with Samuel King, an ex-marine (who came to Australia with the First Fleet aboard the "Sirius") were given land grants at New Norfolk (Back River), and on 28th January 1810 they were married by Rev Robert Knopwood. Samuel died 21 October 1849 and in an unmarked grave at Back River.

"Town Courier" reported on 7th August 1856 that "Mrs Elizabeth King, the first white woman that landed in New South Wales, died this week at the Back River, New Norfolk". In Betty's Will dated 16th November 1855, Betty left her property to Ebenezer Shoobridge.  It was Mr Shoobridge's grandson Henry who went to lengths more that one hundred years after her death to replace the wooden cross and erect a tombstone in her memory in the burial grounds of Back River Methodist Church near New Norfolk with the permission of the Trustees of the Bark River Methodist Church in September 1963.

"Near this spot was laid to rest Betty King the first white woman to set foot in Australia". 

Back River Methodist Church near New Norfolk, Tasmania.

Betty King 1767 - 1856

While researching the Shoobridge family I could not help but feel I was researching my own family. There are quite a few points of connection that I will share.

A plaque to Sir Rupert Shoobridge can be found at the base of a tree on the corner of Pioneer Avenue & Alfred Street, New Norfolk. That is the first matrimonial home of Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall when they were appointed to ministry there with the Methodist Church in 1912.

That home was called "Eardley Cottage", built in 1830 and originally owned by Sir John Eardley-Wilmott M.P.  Now on Tasmania Heritage Register as a place of historic, cultural & heritage significance.  Sir Eardley-Wilmott became Governor of Tasmania in 1843 and was responsible for the Botanical Gardens. Leslie's grandmother Elizabeth was first married to William Davidson, the 1st Superintendent of the Gardens from 1828.

New Norfolk Parsonage. Taken 2008.

Leslie Macdougall - Ministry


Leslie was accepted as a Local Preacher in September 1895 at the age of 18 years.
In October 1899 Leslie accepted the Call to be a Home Misionary in Oatlands, Tasmania. 
September 1900 Leslie accepted the invitation by Samuel Clemes to be Classical Master at "Leslie House School" in New Town, Hobart. That appointment concluded after 15 months as he was ununamiously recommended to enter Queen's College in Melbourne in March 1902 as a Theological student.

For more details about Rev.L.S.Macdougall refer to my Rev.Leslie S Macdougall Diaries Blog:

Leslie's detailed diaries give great insight into his life over a fifty year period. A USB is available to those who would like a copy of the diaries, but the blogs give a lot of information about the family and challenges faced as a Methodist Minister.

L.S.Macdougall MinistryAppointments

November 1895 – September 1899 Local Preacher various locations in Tasmania.
October 1899 – September 1900 Home Missionary, Oatlands, Tasmania.
October 1900 – March 1902 Local Preacher various locations in Tasmania.

March 1902 – 1904 Theological student at Queen’s College, Melbourne ie.3 years.
December 1902 – February 1903 Locum – Stanley, Tasmania.
December 1903 – April 1904 Locum – Nagambie, Victoria.
December 1904 – April 1905 Locum – Mathinna, Tasmania.
April 1905 – April 1907 1st & 2nd year Probation @ Dumbalk & Meeniyan, Victoria.
April 1907 – April 1908 3rd year Probation @ Neerim, Victoria.
April 1908 – April 1909 3rd year Probation @ Berringa & Kaleno, Victoria.
April 1909 – March 1910 4th year Probation @ South Preston, Victoria.
9 March 1910 Ordination Service, Melbourne.

April 1910 – April 1912 Queenstown & Strahan, Tasmania.
April 1912 – April 1915 New Norfolk & Glenora, Tasmania.
April 1915 – April 1918 Westbury, Tasmania.
April 1918 – April 1921 Penguin, Tasmania.

April 1921 – April 1924 Euroa, Victoria.
April 1924 – April 1929 Skipton Street, Ballarat, Victoria.
April 1929 – April 1933 Epping Street Peace Memorial East Malvern,Victoria.
April 1933 – April 1937 Coburg & Moreland, Victoria.
April 1937 – April 1942 Williamstown & Newport, Victoria.
April 1942 – April 1945 New Street & Were Street, Brighton, Victoria.

April 1945 – October 1948 Supernumerary, Brighton, Victoria.

1933 – 1942 Lecturer at “Otira” Home Missionaries Training College, Kew, Victoria.
1932 – 1947 Lecturer at Queen’s College, Melbourne, Victoria.
April 1945 Retired to 20 Comer Street, East Brighton, Victoria.
8 February 1949 Died.

New Norfolk (1912-1915), Westbury (1915-1918), Penguin (1918-1921), Tasmania.

Euroa (1921-1924), Ballarat (1924-111929), East Malvern (1929-1933), Coburg (1933-1937, Victoria.

Williamstown (1937-1942), Brighton (1942-1945), and retirement home.

Family Photos

Leslie Macdougall 1909.

Beatrice Wells 1911.

Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall 1912

Rev Leslie S Macdougall B.A. 1918

Leslie & Beatrice with daughters Winsome, Dorothy & Margaret in 1923.

 Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall with daughters Winsome, Dorothy & Margaret in 1928.

Winsome, Dorothy, Leslie & Beatrice, Margaret in 1936.

Wal & Margaret Fraser, Beatrice, Dorothy, Leslie, Winsome & Allan Petfield in 1942.  Seated Elizabeth Wells.

Wal & Margaret Fraser with Ross & Anne, Fraser Seniors, Dorothy Macdougall, Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall, Petfield Seniors, Winsome & Allan Petfield with Joy & Dawn, Elizabeth Wells in 1947.

Grandpa as I remember him!

Grandma as I remember her!

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