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William A. & Sarah (Allason) Macdougall

 William Arthur and Sarah Ann Macdougall


William Arthur Macdougall 15 April 1849 - 2 July 1930

Sarah Ann Macdougall nee Allason 17 August 1850 - 21 August 1941

William A Macdougall Properties 1849 - 1930

15 April 1849 – Born at “Wattle Tree Lodge” Bathurst Street, Hobart.

1877 – Lived in a house in small street off Charles Street opposite Launceston Hospital a short time.

1878 - Lived in York Street next to “York House” a few months.

1877 - 1882 – Employed by R.D.Richards & Co at Soft Goods House, Launceston.

1878 - 1880 – Rented house from R.F.Robertson, Cataract Hill while building No.216.

1880 – Built house, corner 216 Charles & Canning Street, Launceston and lived there until 1884. Continued to own it and rented it out until 1920. Photo & Title transfer on file.

1881 – Opened Soft Goods Store at 86 George Street, Launceston, and continued to be Occupier until 1886. Owner Henry Yates.

1884 – Family moved to 86 George Street with residence above shop. Photo on file.

1880 - 29 October 1902 – W.A.Macdougall owned and rented out 58 (now 96) Frederick Street, Launceston. Put in L.S.Macdougall’s name when infant with W.A.Macdougall as Guardian. Sells to Mr. Grubb 1902.  Photo on file.

January 1903 Trevally house – W.A.Macdougall takes a loan on house as equity.

1887 - 1903 – W.A.Macdougall owner of 86 George Street, Launceston.

23 April 1904 – Sold business at 86 George Street, Launceston. 23 May 1904 – Left shop.

House built 1880 - Corner (216) Charles & Canning Streets, Launceston. Photo in "Tasmanian Mail" 30 May 1908
Macdougalls lived there 1880 - 1884, sold 1920
216 Charles Street, Launceston, Medical Centre 2005

Macdougall's Draper Shop, 86 George Street, Launceston 1881 - 1904
Macdougall's Draper shop with residence above at 86 George Street, Launceston in 2005

1880 - 1902 Rental property 58 (now 96) Frederick Street, Launceston in 2005

1901 – Bought “Dunollie” on King Island. 6 miles north of Currie on Porky River. William and Hugh go to King Island to live.

March 1903 – Bought “Lorne” on King Island, 12 miles south of Currie on Ettrick River.

September 1904 – Sarah and girls shifted to “Lorne” King Island.

Macdougalls at home "Lorne" on King Island 9 September 1908

Macdougalls at home "Lorne" on King Island 9 September 1908

27 August 1912 –Transfered “Lorne” which W.A.Macdougall held in L.S.Macdougall’s name since he was young.

1913 - 29 April 1926 – W.A.Macdougall owns 5 acres of land on Tamar foreshore, east side, at Dilston.

17 July 1916 - 17 July 1917 – rented “Bleak House, Hobart.

17 July 1917 - 19 October 1920 – rented “Roslyn” 12 Swan Street, North Hobart

19 October 1920 – William and Sarah bought “Renfrew” 14 Swan Street, North Hobart as their retirement home. Photo & Title on file.

2 July 1930 - William Macdougall died at home.

Retirement home "Renfrew" 14 Swan Street, North Hobart.  William sat in his wheelchair looking out window top storey.

Macdougall Family at King Island – as per Rev.Leslie S.Macdougall’s diaries

22 May 1900 – Olive went to King Island (aged 12) for 1 month and stays with Mr. Bowling
at Wickham.

23 October 1900 – Hugh (19) went to King Island for 2 weeks on an explorative trip.
Ruby (18) went to King Island 1-2 months and stayed with Mrs.Francis Stephenson.

2 November 1900 – Hugh has been to King Island for 2 weeks and wants to settle there.

13 & 20 November 1900 – William A Macdougall went to King Island.

5 December 1900 – William A.Macdougall and Hugh to buy land at King Island.

Mid 1901 – W.A.Macdougall bought property at King Island – “Dunolly", with just a hut near Porky River 6 miles north of Currie”. Hugh went to King Island.

6 August 1901 – W.A.Macdougall still living in tent.

14 August 1901 – W.A.Macdougall and Hugh working hard.

31 October 1901 – Sarah Macdougall will go to King Island in new year (1902).

29 October 1902 – Read letter from W.A.Macdougall.  He is back in Launceston while Sarah and Gwen go for 1 month.  Hugh enjoys King Island.  William wants to sell his rental house at 58 Frederick Street, Launceston (which he bought in Leslie’s name as an infant) to Mr. Grubb.

2 March 1903 – Olive to go to King Island.

23 March 1903 – “Lorne”, the family home where William lives. A 2 bedroom house 24 feet x 12 feet, with living room, bedroom for William and Sarah, and bedroom for Olive who wants to be house keeper. They have 10 cows.  “Lorne” is in Parish of Kittawa and 5 miles south of Currie on Ettrik River.  Read letter.

2 February 1904 – Hugh, Olive, Gwen (visiting a while). Gwen enjoys garden, flowers, vegetables and kitten “Fritz”.

23 April 1904 – Sale of Macdougall Drapers business at 86 George Street, Launceston.

23 May 1904 – Macdougalls leave 86 George Street for good.

14 December 1904 – All (except Leslie) at King Island now. Read letter.  Tenant in house at 216 Charles Street, Launceston.

24 October 1907 – Hugh in Launceston Hospital.

2 to 21 September 1908 – Leslie in King Island - been 7 years since seeing his folks.

19 September 1909 – Hugh has a serious spinal injury.

23 September 1909 – Leslie visits King Island – all concerned about Hugh.

9 December 1909 – Hugh in Launceston Hospital and encased in plaster.

24 March 1910 – Leslie visits King Island.

8 April 1910 – Leslie visits Hugh in Launceston Hospital.

30 October – 3 November 1910 – Hugh’s condition extremely grave.

25 April 1911 – Leslie visits Hugh in Launceston Hospital.

24 February 1912 – Leslie visits Hugh in Launceston Hospital.

27 August 1912 – “Lorne” which W.A.Macdougall holds in Leslie’s name to be transferred into William’s name – Land Department.

7 August 1913 – Hugh dies in Launceston Hospital.

20 August and 4 September 1913 – William Macdougall in Launceston and Hobart.

Mid 1913 – Gwen in King Island.

13 March to 9 June 1914 Gwen in New Norfolk with Leslie and Beatrice Macdougall.

1914 - Ruby and Gwen Macdougall in Hobart.

1913 and 1914 – Sarah Macdougall in Hobart.

29 June 1914 – Sarah receives news in Hobart about William’s accident at “Lorne”.

10 July 1914 – Sarah leaves Launceston for King Island (4 days at sea). 
Sarah reaches William 16 days after accident.  William was unable to ever walk again and spent the next 16 years in a wheel chair. Read “Out of the Jaws of Death” blog.

21 March 1916 – William transferred to Launceston Hospital (for 5 and a half months).

4 September 1916 – William left hospital after accident in June 1914.
William and Sarah Macdougall live at “Bleak House” 17 July 1916 – 17 July 1917.

17 July 1917 – 19 October 1920 – William and Sarah Macdougall live at “Roslyn”
12 Swan Street, North Hobart.

13 April 1918 – Olive buys another dairy farm at Surprise Bay, King Island.

21 February 1919 – Olive buys Cowen’s farm at Sea Elephant River, King Island
7 1/2 miles from Currie.

16 July 1920 – Macdougalls want to sell “Lorne” on King Island.

19 October 1920 – William and Sarah retire to “Renfrew” 14 Swan Street, North Hobart.

May 1921- October 1922 - Olive and Ettie in Gisborne, N.Z. where Ettie’s family live.

4 October 1922 – Olive and Ettie (Edith) D’Arcy take on Ball’s Farm, King Island on a 99 year lease from Repatriation Department.

2 July 1930 – William Macdougall died.

9 July 1930 – “Lorne” given to Leslie (read 7 and 9 July) – not included in estate.

1 August 1930 – Leslie accepts Olive’s offer of 300 pounds for “Lorne”.

3 January 1931 - Olive buys “Lorne” and Leslie out of debt.

7 June 1932 – Olive sells “Lorne” for 500 pounds.

Sarah and William Macdougall celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family on 15 April 1926

William & Sarah Macdougall 15 April 1926

Obituary – Mr.W.A.Macdougall 2 July 1930

With tragic suddenness the death occurred at his home, 14 Swan Street, Hobart on Wednesday night of Mr.William Arthur Macdougall, at the age of 82 years.  Mr.Macdougall was known in many parts of the State, he having taken up residence successively at Bellerive, Hobart, Launceston, King Island and Hobart.  In the latter years of his life he was confined to an invalid’s chair, as a result of an accident while he was on King Island.  Mr.Macdougall was seated at his evening meal on Wednesday when he expired.

The late Mr.Macdougall spent his early life at Bellerive, with his parents and after a short period of residence in Hobart, a few years later, he entered the service of the late Mr.W.F.Brownell.  After his marriage he went to Launceston to take charge of a business and settled there, and after a few years set himself up in business as a draper in the Northern city.  He remained in the North for several years, but when settlement began on King Island he sold his business and went to the island, interesting himself in cattle-raising.  During his residence on the island he met with a serious accident.  Walking from his main farm to another pasture, he tripped over a chain of a chaise cart, was rendered unconscious.  He was in that state for several hours.  Medical assistance was sought at Currie Hospital and it was found that his spine was injured.  The injuries attendant upon the accident were present until his death – a period of some 16 years. Mr.Macdougall after a period in the Launceston Public Hospital, returned to Hobart with his family.

Grand Lodge Work
The late Mr.Macdougall was a prominent member of the Masonic Order, his outstanding work in this connection being in the Grand Lodge of Tasmania.  He was one of the founders of the Grand Lodge, and was one of its first officers.  He held office as Deputy Grand Master in 1895.  It is noteworthy that Mr.Macdougall was one of the few surviving officers of the Grand Lodge in its infancy, amongst being Sir.Elliott Lewis and Alderman E.J.Rogers C.M.G.

Mr.Macdougall is survived by his widow, four daughters, one of whom is the wife of Hon.W.H.Calvert M.L.C. and one son, the Rev.L.S.Macdougall, of the Peace Memorial Methodist Church, East Malvern, Victoria.

The funeral will arrive at Cornelian Bay cemetery at 3.15pm today.

(Notice published in “The Mercury” Friday 4 July 1930, page 12).

In 2007 Peter & I took a week out to explore King Island where my Great Grandparents were pioneer farmers in the early 1900s.


It was an unreal experience to walk in their footsteps 100 years later.  We were able to find the properties owned by the Macdougalls - "Dunollie" in Hardys Road, 6 miles north of Currie and "Lorne" on Ettrick River, 11 miles south of Currie.

"Dunollie" - Macdougall's property Hardy's Road, 9 kms north of Currie on King Island bought 1901

Hugh Macdougall's property in Hardy's Road on King Island

"Lorne" Macdougall's property bought 1903 on Ettrick River King Island where William had his accident in 1914

"Lorne" property South Road 11kms south of Currie on Ettrick River bought 1903 & sold 1932

Peter at "Dripping Wells" waterfall trickling over limestone stalactite formation at "Lorne"

"Three Rivers" the property Olive Macdougall owned on King Island
King Island, Tasmania

Most of the above information has been gained from reading my Grandpa's diaries. I suggest you read my other blogs about Rev L.S.Macdougall who wrote extensive diaries from 1895 - 1948 and his wife Beatrice 1953 - 1978.
I have compiled a 16 GB presentation that is available by emailing Joy Olney at

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